Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews: how dodgy can you get??

Camelot Castle Hotel fake 5* review – wonder how long it will take Tripadvisor to work it out? Another totally trustworthy review from the pen of a recent 5* reviewer of Camelot Castle Hotel. Lol. Take a look at their review for The Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck. Notice anything odd? Yes – you spotted it. … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Tripadvisor reviews: Congratulations, its twins!

Those people at Camelot Castle Hotel can’t quite get the fake reviews thing right But at least they’re trying. And why should they worry so long as Tripadvisor lets them get away with it and they keep their little yellow review stars? These last two bonny reviews caught my eye. Born just a day apart, … Continue reading

Fake Tripadvisor reviews. Yes – look here are two

Side by side for comparison so Tripadvisor staff can get the idea When you’ve looked at as many Tripadvisor reviews for a single property as we have (lol) you are able to do something that the average punter (or Tripadvisor staffer) can’t do: spot the fakes. That’s because we can spot the patterns in the … Continue reading

Latest fake 5* Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes…

…demonstrating Tripadvisor’s unwillingness to stop Scientologists Mappin and Stourton abusing the system For veteran Camelot Castle Hotel watchers, this latest 5 star Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes needed to qualify as a bona-fide fake (or paid-for) review. The fake / paid-for Tripadvisor review will contain most (if not all) of the following components in … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel – “An experience not to be missed”

Good old Ted is testing TripAdvisor to see how far he can go According to Ted Stourton, Camelot Castle Hotel is quite an experience. In fact, he goes as far as to say that it’s an experience not to be missed. That’s right, you really should go and experience Camelot Castle Hotel, you’d be quite … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel 5* review: “One should not be cynical…”

What’s more cynical: exposing delusional Scientologist hoteliers or faking TripAdvisor reviews? Just a question. Anyway, here is the latest 5* review of Camelot Castle Hotel – dutifully naming the charming Mr. Mappin and the wonderful Mr. Ted Stourton (as per the required formula). “One should not be cynical…” even after all one has read online. … Continue reading

Shock news: Camelot Castle Hotel 4* reviewer found to be real person

In an astonishing development tonight we bring you Mr. Michael E Green – a real, live, Camelot Castle Hotel 4* reviewer Forgive us for sounding surprised. It’s so rare to track down a real person behind a 4* Tripadvisor review for this Hotel. Ladies and Anons, I give you Mr. Michael E. Green – ‘mikusgreenus’ … Continue reading

The 5* review machine is working again! Hoorah!

Camelot Castle Hotel squeezes another incredible 5* review in between the all-too-believable 2 and 1* ones And makes itself look even more dodgy in the process. The problem with the Scientologist owners of Camelot Castle Hotel – John and Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton – is that, like all Scientologists, they just can’t stop churning … Continue reading

The least meaningful 4* TripAdvisor review ever?

This one made us laugh. “Write whatever you want, just don’t forget to give it 4 stars” you can almost hear a voice say 🙂 “The hotel is very comfortable, there is a wonderful atmosphere thanks to the breathtaking landascape that you can enjoy and the kindness of the people who work there. It is … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: another ‘magic’ review

Genuine review or another example of John Mappin’s contempt for TripAdvisor? This latest review, like most of the other 5* reviews, is a bit hard to believe. “When you look at this hotel from the outside I didnt think I would be able to justify staying there as i thought it would be much more … Continue reading