Scientology and Anonymous – in 100 seconds

Learn the basics about Scientology and why Anonymous took up arms against it. This is definitely worth less than 2 minutes of your miserable life.

Trip Advisor need to action their own policy.

Trip Advisor have a “Zero Tolerance” on fake reviews. Well if thats the case what is gooing oon with the Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel? They have certainly had a large number of reviews removed from the site so Trip Advisor must think they are fake so where’s the “Zero Tolerance” then? This is what they … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel serial 5* reviewer tries again

Since Tripadvisor deleted his previous fake 5* review, it’s time for Glastonboy to try again **UPDATE** Fake review pulled already, looks like Trip Advisor are wise to their games! Finally, after 10 days without a 5* review, Glastoboy comes to Camelot Castle Hotel’s rescue – again – with this review. The first impression I got … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “Unbelievable Con” says review

Before it got pulled for mentioning Scientology So we’ve preserved it here so that it has a chance of doing what the reviewer who stayed there intended it to do: to help prevent someone else from having L.Ron Hubbard and awful paintings shoved down their throats when all they want is a decent quality stay … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Horror Review of the Month – Aug 2010

The Camelot Castle Hotel TripAdvisor reviews they’re trying hard to bury This this has got to be possibly the worst review of all time.  Unfortunately, it was pulled by TripAdvisor after about 10 days online.  So, for the benefit of the unsuspecting British (and overseas) travelling public, we’ve preserved it here – as fresh as … Continue reading

“Utterly dreadful, cringeworthy money-making s—“

So I take it they weren’t happy customers then? A beastly new 1* review appears TripAdvisor. We’ve archived it over in the Camelot Castle Hotel thread in the Why We Protest forum before it gets pulled for using the dreaded ‘s’ word which seems to send everyone into a fury of legal threats. But what … Continue reading