John Mappin: “We’re just happy Scientologists trying to help”

We bring you photographic proof Our picture shows the smiling Ambassadorial couple on their sun-terrace at Camelot Castle Hotel, overlooking the golden sands of the hotel’s private beach. Judging by the smiles, these people aren’t members of a cult that targets vulnerable guests and their relatives or the weakest, most susceptible members of staff for … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Millions of drugged children in [insert your town name here]

Irina Mappin dreams of one day having children… yours if you let her recruit them “PERSONAL LETTER FROM IRINA MAPPIN – CAMELOT CASTLE – A NEW FILM. YOU CAN SEE THE FILM HERE: [link mercifully removed] Dear Neighbors and Friends of Camelot, Firstly, I wanted to warmly thank you for your appreciation and support of … Continue reading

“CULT!” says John Sweeney loudly and clearly

Camelot Castle Hotel owners’ ‘religion’ branded a cult by BBC’s John Sweeney last night Yes, folks. Exactly as you’d expect, John Sweeney took his revenge on the madness that is Scientology in last night’s Panorama. If you’re here reading this then I’m sure you watched it, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice … Continue reading

Mappin and Stourton update company records…

..exactly one day after WhyWeProtest exposes inconsistencies in their details “Just got back from the smoke and guess what, ALL the Mappin/Stourton company (tiny) groups happened to file new information at Companies House exactly one day after your website published their deficiency” – bayir11 comment Camelot Castle Hotel thread on WWP forum. Coincidence? Or the … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel owner Irina Mappin and Sea Org’s Robin Handy and Jan Cross

What’s such a high ranking Scientologist doing training Irina Mappin, c0-owner of Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel? “The best possible friends, mentors and inspiration one can have” says the caption to this picture “Jan Cross and Robin Handy with Irina Mappin on completion of her executive training as Executive Director of Camelot Castle Hotel and … Continue reading

This time next year, Ted, we’ll be floating on the stock exchange for £600m

Said John Mappin 10 years ago Great new shoop from Sponge. 

What are the Scientologists searching Google for? blog stats give us a clue Your blog stats are a great way of telling you what people are looking for out there. Even in the free, ad-supported blog stats dashboard, you can tell a great deal. You can tell how many people are visiting, who’s looking at what, where they’re coming from … Continue reading

Irina and the dogs: aaah…aargh…urrrghhhhh :-)

Meet Irina Mappin and her dawgs. Music by John Mappin. Here you are:

Camelot Castle Hotel: Staff Credentials – Irina Mappin

Co-owner and wife of John Mappin, Irina Mappin has 9 scientology course completions listed. Read more at

‘Beard’ or real wife?

It’s a bit cruel, but… Some people in the online forums and in the village of Tintagel really do believe that Irina Mappin is a ‘beard’ for John. The Urban dictionary defines a ‘beard’ as: Any opposite sex escort taken to an event in an effort to give a homosexaul person the apperance of being … Continue reading