Camelot Castle Hotel investigated for unauthorised works.

Camelot Castle Hotel fits UPVC windows to listed building. Cornwall Council are investigating reports that UPVC windows have been fitted to rooms in the former King Arthurs Arms Hotel. The windows on the third floor can be clearly seen both IRL and on the Hotels own promotional materials. They have replaced the original Victorian wooden … Continue reading

John Mappin: “We’re just happy Scientologists trying to help”

We bring you photographic proof Our picture shows the smiling Ambassadorial couple on their sun-terrace at Camelot Castle Hotel, overlooking the golden sands of the hotel’s private beach. Judging by the smiles, these people aren’t members of a cult that targets vulnerable guests and their relatives or the weakest, most susceptible members of staff for … Continue reading

Mappin’s fake Camelot Castle Tripadvisor review video

Mappin uploads his own propaganda to Tripadvisor and gives it 4 stars ..of course he would. He’s desperately trying to stay afloat and keep the money flowing to Scientology HQ in Clearwater. If you’d like to help Tripadvisor work out what John Mappin is doing, please pop along to the Tripadvisor Camelot Castle Hotel review … Continue reading

Stonehenge – welcome to Stonehenge, your online guide to Stonehenge

Welcome to Stonehenge? Welcome to Camelot Castle Hotel, more like Just when you thought the Camelot Castle Hotel story couldn’t get any more #stupid this pops up: John Mappin’s latest attempt to hijack British tourist traffic and direct it at his own failing Camelot Castle Hotel ( John and Ted are no strangers to this … Continue reading

“CULT!” says John Sweeney loudly and clearly

Camelot Castle Hotel owners’ ‘religion’ branded a cult by BBC’s John Sweeney last night Yes, folks. Exactly as you’d expect, John Sweeney took his revenge on the madness that is Scientology in last night’s Panorama. If you’re here reading this then I’m sure you watched it, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice … Continue reading

John Mappin – titanic film talent

Despite magical good looks… John’s film career sank beneath the waves on it’s maiden voyage. This is a still from ‘Dark Secrets’, a soft porn film released in 1997 in which Mappin had a small, ah, part. No, he didn’t take his clothes off. Thankfully. Time (or more accurately Scientology) seems to have been hard … Continue reading

Duncan Williams: ‘has never been a Scientologist’ says friend

However, the evidence seems to say otherwise. Duncan Williams came to our attention recently when he issued a press release in support of John Mappin in which he complained about the unfair negative press directed at the ‘good work’ of John and Irina Mappin at Camelot Castle Hotel. We blogged about it, after which a … Continue reading

Mappin and Stourton update company records…

..exactly one day after WhyWeProtest exposes inconsistencies in their details “Just got back from the smoke and guess what, ALL the Mappin/Stourton company (tiny) groups happened to file new information at Companies House exactly one day after your website published their deficiency” – bayir11 comment Camelot Castle Hotel thread on WWP forum. Coincidence? Or the … Continue reading

Businesses that John Mappin and Ted Stourton control

A list of companies that John Mappin controls (with Ted’s help) For those of you who care to do further research, here are the names of some of the companies that John Mappin is director of: METROPOLIS MEDIA (INVESTMENTS) LIMITED CAMELOT CASTLE FLATS LIMITED MYTHOLOGICAL HOTELS LTD INDEPENDENT LOCAL NEWSPAPERS LIMITED STORY MASTER LTD CAMELOT … Continue reading

“You are a dump, dump fuck” says Scientologist defending John Mappin

The caring side of Scientology reveals itself with insults and threats If you’re new to Scientology and want to know Why We Protest, then look no further than this comment received today: “You are a dump,dump fuck, mister. most of your postings and website content are false. you slate people who achieve in life, john … Continue reading