“CULT!” says John Sweeney loudly and clearly

Camelot Castle Hotel owners’ ‘religion’ branded a cult by BBC’s John Sweeney last night Yes, folks. Exactly as you’d expect, John Sweeney took his revenge on the madness that is Scientology in last night’s Panorama. If you’re here reading this then I’m sure you watched it, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: jumpy manager gives visitor the Sci ‘welcome’

A late night passer-by gets chased and photographed According to this thread in the Why We Protest forum, a Tintagel local was chased by Marek, the Camelot Castle Hotel manager (in his Porsche, no less) and photographed in true Scientology fashion. It seems the folks up at the besieged castle, worn out from composing magical … Continue reading

Marek Wojciechowski’s postcard from ‘magical’ Camelot Castle hotel

General Manager tries to stem the tide of negative press at home… …probably with Irina Mappin looking over his shoulder, according to Polish WhyWeProtest forum contributor and ex-Camelot worker Alona’. Marek’s is the latest comment on a Polish site that hosts a lot of critical comments from ex-employees about working conditions and alleged ‘Scientology brainwashing’. … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: Staff credentials – Marek Wojciechowski

Marek Wojciechowski works closely with John and Irina Mappin and appears to be responsible for recruiting the Polish workers to Camelot Castle Hotel. He appears to have 3 completed scientology courses under his belt according to Thetruthaboutscientology.com.