Camelot Castle Hotel – Is the 5* review machine broken?

It’s been 3 days since Camelot Castle Hotel got a 5* TripAdvisor review Queer, that. We’re not used to such gaps in the production of positive reviews designed to push the latest ‘horror’ review off the first page of TripAdvisor reviews. Maybe, now that TripAdvisor is taking some notice of the unusual (to put it … Continue reading

Plymouth Ideal Org: People of Plymouth! Prepare to have your eternity saved

By Scientology pirates. They’ve got the building, now they just need 150 people willing to give their all their time and money to Scientology… Having begged, borrowed or otherwise acquired enough money to buy the Royal Fleet Hotel in Devonport, Plymouth Scientologists are now facing the challenge of staffing the building.  According to a ThisIsPlymouth … Continue reading

The Truth About A Lie: Film review sparks great comment debate

Highly informative comments debate erupts over new anti-Scientology film ‘The Truth About A Lie’ If you’re a Plymouth resident and you’re wondering what Scientology’s new ‘Plymouth Ideal Org’ intends to bring to your city, then this thread on a Canadian news blog will be highly educational and worth a read. Featuring comments from a number … Continue reading