Evidence grows of continuing recruitment in Poland for CCH Staff

New posts on Polish blog uncover worrying trend. Here is a translation of a post on a well-known Polish blog, people who have worked there are posting their experiences to warn off others. One poster applied for a job there but after Googling was alerted to what goes on and emailed to decline their offer … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Meet our beloved L.Ron Hubbard

Who appears to be…. …a different L.Ron Hubbard to the one factually documented by the rest of the world. When you find out a little bit about him (even the things Wikipedia has to say, far less these kind of things) it’s no wonder. Interesting also to note that this email doesn’t refer to Hubbard … Continue reading

Recruitment by stealth?

Gallery signs ‘hijack’ tourists If you’re a tourist, you might think these signs are directions to the ancient ruins you’ve probably travelled half way across the world to see. Click the thumbnail on the right to zoom in and you’ll see that it says very clearly: “If you continue 500 yards along this road, to … Continue reading