John Mappin: “We’re just happy Scientologists trying to help”

We bring you photographic proof Our picture shows the smiling Ambassadorial couple on their sun-terrace at Camelot Castle Hotel, overlooking the golden sands of the hotel’s private beach. Judging by the smiles, these people aren’t members of a cult that targets vulnerable guests and their relatives or the weakest, most susceptible members of staff for … Continue reading

Evidence grows of continuing recruitment in Poland for CCH Staff

New posts on Polish blog uncover worrying trend. Here is a translation of a post on a well-known Polish blog, people who have worked there are posting their experiences to warn off others. One poster applied for a job there but after Googling was alerted to what goes on and emailed to decline their offer … Continue reading

Clumsy ‘hate’ attack on critical site bears all the hallmarks of Scientology

And therefore, of course, John Mappin and Ted Stourton The Polish site run by former Camelot Castle Hotel worker ‘Alona’ (a member of the WhyWeProtest forum) is coming under attack from people trying to bury critical comments by her and others under fake stories about how wonderful the Mappins are etc etc. In addition, they’re … Continue reading

Castle Camelot Hotel: bad review from someone claiming to be ex-staff

Worrying claims from someone claiming to be ex-staff of Camelot Castle Hotel. As you already know from reading this blog, we’re opposed to Scientology and to John Mappin’s decision to use Camelot Castel Hotel as a base for promoting Scientology in Cornwall and beyond. It’s public knowledge that Mappin has swamped the region with his … Continue reading

Good News for Camelot Castle Hotel!

Well, good news for Camelot Castle Hotel’s staff, to be more precise. The good news is that the scores for ‘service’ in the real TripAdvisor reviews (we discount all the 5* ones of course) have been slightly higher recently – which means that despite being outraged at John Mappin’s egotistical delusions, many critical review writers … Continue reading

Castle Camelot Hotel 3rd floor scientology ‘course study room’

Staff claim this room is where they are ‘encouraged’ to study the works of L.Ron Hubbard Read more about these claims on the WhyWeProtest forum Camelot Castle Hotel thread.

Is this Polish site really saying what I think it is???

There’s a long thread at this Polish site containing a lot of comments from people who have either worked at Castle Camelot Hotel or who are considering working there. We have used Google Translate to make sense of some of the material. The Polish habit of leaving no space between the last word in one … Continue reading

Find out what previous employees think

People claiming to be former employees are starting to share their experiences Camelot Castle Hotel recruits and employs primarily Polish staff. A number of worrying comments are starting to appear in various places online about the treatment of employees – particularly in relation to the working conditions and the requirement to study scientology materials. Why … Continue reading