Camelot Castle Hotel: 12 times more people find the 1* reviews helpful…

…than the 5* reviews It amuses us to think of the logic that Mappin and Stourton are following with their Tripadvisor ‘interventions’. They seem to think that if there are more 5* reviews in total than 1* ones everything will be ok and no one will notice 152 horror reviews of their scandalous dump. On … Continue reading

Camelot Castle, John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor

John Mappin responds to Trip Advisor comments after 7 years of silence. After 7 years and over 500 comments some “Magical” and some not so magical John Mappin appears galloping into view riding his trusty steed of truth! But…….. He chooses to only respond to 2 positive reviews using the opportunity to plug Camelot Castle … Continue reading

Light Box high pressure sales at Camelot Castle Hotel by Ted Stourton

Lightbox victim speaks out on Trip Advisor after close escape from lightbox con of Ted Stourton and John Mappin. Latest posting on Trip Advisor tells an interesting and all to familiar tale of high pressure techniques used to sell Ted Stourtons “art” The only positives from the review seem to be some new duvets and … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “Just Awful”

Camelot Castle Hotel review shows nothing has changed. It’s still “awful”

Camelot Castle Hotel fake reviews: how dodgy can you get??

Camelot Castle Hotel fake 5* review – wonder how long it will take Tripadvisor to work it out? Another totally trustworthy review from the pen of a recent 5* reviewer of Camelot Castle Hotel. Lol. Take a look at their review for The Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck. Notice anything odd? Yes – you spotted it. … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel pulled horror review: “Oh my God..”

Tripadvisor pulled this Camelot Castle Hotel ‘horror’ review a day after it was posted. Despite the contents of this review being absolutely in keeping with all the other ‘horror’ reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel, Tripadvisor has pulled it. It doesn’t mention Scientology nor is it abusive or defamatory, so why did they take it down? … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel latest real review: “Pretty awful….”

“…but not as bad as some others make out” How much worse than “awful” and 2* do you want it to be?? I love this review. It’s like the person is trying to be fair to Camelot Castle Hotel while telling the truth about John Mappin’s awful dump on the cliffs at Tintagel.

Chris Emmins: a word re. Camelot Castle Hotel

Hey, Chris – a word (or several) about Camelot Castle Hotel Hi Chris – welcome. No doubt you’ve had a good look around this site – because we hope that in doing so, you’re able to get a good sense of what motivated us to create it in the first place. It wasn’t ‘religious intolerance’. … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Tripadvisor reviews: Congratulations, its twins!

Those people at Camelot Castle Hotel can’t quite get the fake reviews thing right But at least they’re trying. And why should they worry so long as Tripadvisor lets them get away with it and they keep their little yellow review stars? These last two bonny reviews caught my eye. Born just a day apart, … Continue reading

Wedding Anniversaries at camelot Castle Hotel.

There has been an outbreak of Anniversaries at Camelot. The last three fantastic 5 star trip advisor reviews all come from people celebrating wedding anniversaries, Wow we wonder what the odds are on that happening. Or could it be, as we suspect they are using guests details and writing their own reviews for Trip Advisor? … Continue reading