Fake Tripadvisor reviews. Yes – look here are two

Side by side for comparison so Tripadvisor staff can get the idea When you’ve looked at as many Tripadvisor reviews for a single property as we have (lol) you are able to do something that the average punter (or Tripadvisor staffer) can’t do: spot the fakes. That’s because we can spot the patterns in the … Continue reading

Latest fake 5* Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes…

…demonstrating Tripadvisor’s unwillingness to stop Scientologists Mappin and Stourton abusing the system For veteran Camelot Castle Hotel watchers, this latest 5 star Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes needed to qualify as a bona-fide fake (or paid-for) review. The fake / paid-for Tripadvisor review will contain most (if not all) of the following components in … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel 1* review: “Terrible”

Bird shit mountains and dead flies, 5 rooms later… This is the truth of Camelot Castle Hotel – and the pictures are proof that no matter how many fake 5* reviews these conmen continue to write, this hotel is an appalling scandal that deserves to be kicked off Tripadvisor as a minimum. What we need … Continue reading