Front groups

Scientology recruits through a number of ‘front’ groups – designed to look like do-gooder organisations.

This page is dedicated to providing you with clear information about the various front groups that Scientology also uses to recruit to its dangerous and destructive cult.

Please do not think this is about some bizarre American situation that doesn’t apply to you. These groups are active across the UK, using different approaches to gain access to drug addicts, prison inmates, psychiatric patients, health care professionals and children in schools.

These groups are carefully named and styled to appeal to young and vulnerable people and to appear like respectable and philanthropic organisations. Please make no mistake: they ALL end up offering the works of L.Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology, as the only workable solution.

Review the list below and use Wikipedia and Google to decide for yourself how dangerous these groups are. Once you’ve done a little research, you might – like us – find yourself feeling outraged and disgusted that many of these groups actually enjoy ‘charitable status’ in the UK.

That means that we, the UK taxpayers, are paying for them to recruit vulnerable people into their cult and subsequently destroy their lives.

Scientology front groups operating in the UK include:

• Narconon

• Criminon

• Applied Scholastics

• The Way To Happiness Foundation

• Association for Better Living and Education

• The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

• Citizens Commission on Human Rights

• Youth For Human Rights International

• Volunteer Ministers

It is clear from this list that these organisations give scientology access to particularly vulnerable individuals such as drug and alcohol addicts, criminals with mental health issues, young people and children.

John and Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton operate as Camelot Castle Hotel but they also own and operate a number of other enterprises – all dedicated to serving Scientology.  The list of these activities will be continuously updated, but they include:

  • Independent News Ltd
  • Westminster Independent
  • United National Newspapers

These people also have clear connections with the following groups and organisations:

  • to be added
3 Responses to “Front groups”
  1. more info on CCHR & Nartconon:

    mare info on Scientology infiltrating business:

  2. D***** H**** says:

    I have written this to all your sites and I would like a reply ….. why when my name is googled …. does your site come up? I do not agree with scientology and like you say here my name would not be published ….. this is simply not true? Please ask someone to answer this … I am quite furious !!!!

    • I’ve removed your name D. Please be more careful in future and don’t use your real name online when posting comments if you don’t want Google to find those comments when people search for your name.

      It could take a couple of months for Google to reindex so you will see these comments for some time when you search for your name. That’s unfortunately the price you pay for not understanding how Google and the web works.

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