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Ways to make your views about Camelot Castle Hotel known

If you think that what the Mappins and Ted Stourton are doing at Camelot Castle Hotel is unacceptable, then consider what you can do to send them a clear message about their behaviour.

We aim to list various ways that people can help the owners of Camelot Castle Hotel reconsider their decision to mix scientology with running a hotel for paying guests.

To begin with, you could find out more about Scientology by joining the main online forums discussing the issue and organising direct action: – The huge collection of material critical of scientology

exscn – ex-scientologists message board

WhyWeProtest – a great Anonymous activism hub – including a thread about Camelot Castle Hotel

Things to do if you’re:

A Camelot Castle Hotel guest

If you’ve stayed at this Hotel and had a bad experience, please consider reading some of the information on this site and follow some of the links about the hotel and Scientology. This might put your experience into context.

If you think that the experience you had at Camelot Castle Hotel was unacceptable, the best thing you can do is to make your views known by writing a review of your stay on TripAdvisor. Please use the TripAdvisor link on the right hand side of this site.

If you write a review, please take care not to be abusive or defamatory as this will help CCH owners get the review removed. Please be factually honest about your experience but don’t be afraid to say how you felt about it.

A parent

Scientology targets vulnerable people to recruit into the cult. Please check out some of the ‘More about Scientology‘ links on the right hand side of this page if this is news to you.

The fact is that Scientology IS in Tintagel and it IS operating out of Camelot Castle Hotel. This is now openly acknowledged by Camelot Castle Hotel owner John Mappin himself. Mappin IS also distributing cult propaganda around the area in the form of letters, self-published newspapers and DVDs. You may already have received some in your home with titles like ‘The Way To Happiness’ and ‘The Marketing of Madness’.

This propaganda will do all it can to make Scientology seem like a harmless organisation dedicated to making the world a better place. Please make sure to find out as much as you can about Scientology before you decide to let your children or vulnerable young adults view or read this material.

Please also make sure you know the various front groups that Scientology uses to find new recruits. These are listed further down this page.

If any of these groups comes to a school in your area or to a youth club or other group, please consider taking the matter up with the Head Teacher or group organiser. These groups ARE Scientology in disguise. This is not conspiracy theory, it’s a fact about the way Scientology operates. Please keep your awareness high and share that awareness with other parents you know.

A tour operator / travel agent

Camelot Castle Hotel owners John and Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton have now stated openly that they are long-time Scientologists.

If you run coach tours to this hotel, please take the time to read the large number of highly critical guest reviews on TripAdvisor (use the link on the right hand side of this site). Compare them to the 5 star reviews that all seem to be written to a basic formula:  “fantastic experience, magical hotel, lovely Mr and Mrs Mappin, wonderful Ted Stourton, beautiful art, fantastic staff, don’t miss the light box, can’t wait to come again…”

Why are so many of those positive reviews the same? How can a hotel have so many ‘terrible’ and ‘excellent’ reviews at the same time? What’s really going on there?

When you’ve considered those questions, please ask yourself whether or not you want to book your coach tours to stay at this hotel.

How will your customers feel when they find themselves under pressure to buy a Stourton picture in the ‘Light Box’ basement? How will they feel about the shabby quality of the accommodation? How will they feel about being exposed to Scientology propaganda? How will they feel receiving Mappin’s Scientology email spam long after their stay?

Finally ask yourself how all of that will reflect on your business.

A Cornwall tourism body

Please research this hotel thoroughly and consider what impact that Mappin and Stourton’s behaviour is having on the reputation of the region.

Ask yourself exactly what a hotel has to do to get 180+ ‘terrible’ and ‘poor’ reviews.

A school or educational authority

Please make your staff aware of the DVD Scientology materials being distributed by Mappin and Stourton from Camelot Castle Hotel.  The titles include:

‘The Way to Happiness’

‘The Marketing of Madness’

Please ensure your staff are aware of the Scientology front groups who will offer you attractive free ‘educational’ materials and seminars / talks. These groups include:

• Narconon (drug and alcohol)

• Criminon (prisons and rehabilitation)

• Applied Scholastics

• The Way To Happiness Foundation

• Volunteer Ministers (helping in crises around the world)

• Association for Better Living and Education

• The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

• Citizens Commission on Human Rights and Youth For Human Rights International (human rights issues)

These are all fronts for Scientology. The ‘educational’ material is all derived from the writings of L.Ron Hubbard.

Please research Hubbard and Scientology in order to protect the vulnerable people in your care from exploitation by this cult.

A GP or local health authority

At a time when funding and resources are in decline, Scientology is be keen to offer much needed ‘help’ in the area of drug counselling, offender rehabilitation and mental health issues.

Scientology leader David Miscavige has declared that ‘Scientology has an absolute monopoly on effective solutions to the world’s problems’. To Scientologists, the ‘cure’ for illnesses, mental health problems and drug and alcohol addiction is.. yes, you’ve guessed it – Scientology.

Scientology has a pathological hatred of Psychiatric medicine. This stems directly from L.Ron Hubbard’s own experiences with mental illness, Psychiatry and medication.

L.Ron Hubbard taught Scientologists to wage a war against the ‘crimes’ of the Psychiatric profession. He also taught them that only they, Scientologists, had the ‘technology’ to cure all and any diseases (from cancer to drug addiction).

This is the foundation on which their ‘drug and alcohol’ programmes are built.

People with problems in these areas are especially vulnerable to the approach of Scientology. Please do not let financial pressure or ignorance about Scientology and its ‘front groups’ result in you delivering vulnerable people into the hands of the cult recruiters.

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