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Note to folks & others

The aim of this site is to present factual information (things about which there is clear proof) as well as links to comment and opinion about John Mappin and Camelot Castle Hotel published elsewhere on the web.

Do not be fooled by Scientologists claims about ‘religious persecution’ or ‘hate crimes’. They make those allegations in countries where they know it will buy them freedom from prosecution or scrutiny for their own abuses. When Scientologists claim to be victims of ‘a hate campaign’ or ‘religious intolerance’ they are just manipulating the system in order to create smokescreens for their own activities. Please look carefully at the global evidence about this cult before helping them to abuse the British sense of fair play in this way.

There is clear evidence that Mappin and the owners of Camelot Castle Hotel actively attempt to recruit staff, guests, visitors and local people into the ‘Church of Scientology’. We believe this is an abuse of their duty of care as hoteliers and in order to protect these unsuspecting and vulnerable people, this information needs to be made public.

Scientology has a well-documented track record of attempting to silence its critics using a variety of legal (and other) means (their notorious ‘Fair Game’ policy). Consequently, we fully expect the CoS and John Mappin to request the removal of this blog on the grounds of defamation and/or ‘religious’ persecution.

We request that you consider the above points when reviewing the content of this blog and making your decision.

Thank you.

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