“Please take one”… please

John Mappin’s Tintagel Independent is flying off the table at the Gallery The photo doesn’t do it justice – but our paparazzi snapped these artfully arranged copies of Mappin’s ‘Good News’ paper or Scientology Free Ads (as we like to call it) sitting on the table in the Gallery waiting to be picked up and … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel Tripadvisor review: “Enjoyable…but!!!”

Camelot Castle’s weird reviews continue with the latest 3* Enjoyable… but basically really shit – and if it had happened to us instead of our distant relatives we would have been well annoyed. You can’t help wonder how bad things have to be for some people to decide they’re being ripped off. And you can’t … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s Art: see for yourself why he outsells Picasso

Stung by our cruel jibe over feeble prices, Mr. Mappin and Ted have responded by going LARGE! Come with us on a tour of the Camelot Castle Gallery! And see for yourself why, according to John Mappin, Ted Stourton now ‘outsells Picasso’. As you know, we were awfully cruel a while back about the low … Continue reading

Ted Stourton Art Valuation

Art expert travels to Camelot Castle Hotel to value Ted Stourton’s paintings

Ted Stourton prices. The delusion v. the reality

Ted Stourton prices: probably at lot less than you paid for them in the basement. If you came here hoping to sell a special work from the painter who claims to be ‘loved and adored by thousands of collectors’, we’re sorry to disappoint you. If you want a single example of the scale of the … Continue reading

Ted Stourton: Why would people judge me?

This preachy line from Camelot Castle Hotel’s latest gushing 4* ‘review’ smells of Ted.. But of course, we can’t be sure. We’ll leave you to make up your own minds: “The massive paintings by Ted Stourton are sometimes decorative and bling and sometimes spectacularly beautiful and peaceful. Again, nothing that they can be compared to … Continue reading

Recruitment by stealth?

Gallery signs ‘hijack’ tourists If you’re a tourist, you might think these signs are directions to the ancient ruins you’ve probably travelled half way across the world to see. Click the thumbnail on the right to zoom in and you’ll see that it says very clearly: “If you continue 500 yards along this road, to … Continue reading