Duncan Williams: ‘has never been a Scientologist’ says friend

However, the evidence seems to say otherwise. Duncan Williams came to our attention recently when he issued a press release in support of John Mappin in which he complained about the unfair negative press directed at the ‘good work’ of John and Irina Mappin at Camelot Castle Hotel. We blogged about it, after which a … Continue reading

Clumsy ‘hate’ attack on critical site bears all the hallmarks of Scientology

And therefore, of course, John Mappin and Ted Stourton The Polish site run by former Camelot Castle Hotel worker ‘Alona’ (a member of the WhyWeProtest forum) is coming under attack from people trying to bury critical comments by her and others under fake stories about how wonderful the Mappins are etc etc. In addition, they’re … Continue reading