Camelot Castle Hotel: Staff credentials – Ted Stourton

Camelot Castle Hotel co-owner Ted Stourton has a 7 scientology course completions to his credit – oddly enough, spread over his two names. Find out which courses the salt-of-the-earth, regular ‘Ted Stourton’ passed here. Find out which the more pompous ‘Edward Richard Plantagenet Corbally Stourton’ passed here. While you’re at it, take a butcher’s at … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: Staff Credentials – Irina Mappin

Co-owner and wife of John Mappin, Irina Mappin has 9 scientology course completions listed. Read more at

Camelot Castle Hotel: Staff credentials – John Mappin

Camelot Castle Hotel co-owner John Mappin has at least 32 scientology courses under his belt – dating back to as early as 1992. That makes him a bit of a serious scientologist. You can review the complete list here at