Camelot Castle Hotel BBC Inside Out: Mappin and Stourton bonkers, exploitative and dangerous – OFFICIAL

Camelot Castle Hotel meets BBC – and loses. A lot. If you’ve arrived on this site after watching the BBC Inside Out piece on the Scientology goings on at Camelot Castle Hotel, then a very warm welcome to you. If this is your first contact with the madness that is Scientology, John Mappin and Ted … Continue reading

“CULT!” says John Sweeney loudly and clearly

Camelot Castle Hotel owners’ ‘religion’ branded a cult by BBC’s John Sweeney last night Yes, folks. Exactly as you’d expect, John Sweeney took his revenge on the madness that is Scientology in last night’s Panorama. If you’re here reading this then I’m sure you watched it, so I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice … Continue reading

Ted Stourton butterfly art: who are we to judge?

Exclusive preview: Ted Stourton’s butterfly paintings We’re proud to bring you an exclusive shot of the legendary ‘plastic butterfly art’ that is fast becoming quite literally synonymous with the name Ted Stourton. This isn’t your average, run of the mill kitsch. No, this is magical and mythological. This is cult kitsch. Plastic butterflies glued to … Continue reading