Castle Camelot Hotel 3rd floor scientology ‘course study room’

Staff claim this room is where they are ‘encouraged’ to study the works of L.Ron Hubbard Read more about these claims on the WhyWeProtest forum Camelot Castle Hotel thread.

Friends of Camelot! 400 new Scientology video clips for you…

2nd Aug 2010 “Dear Friends of Camelot and our Noble Ambassadors for Freedom, Over the years we have sent out many e-mails. In fact you may be interested to know that our list now represents and reaches over 90,000 opinion formers and influential media players and celebrities in over 100 countries worldwide. The Friends and … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! As you know, we are scientologists..

29th July 2010 “Dear Friends of Camelot Castle, As many of you know we have been Scientologists for many years. Nearly twenty years ago we were most fortunate to have been among the very first in the world to have been fully briefed in the United States as to the wonderful and quite incredible discoveries … Continue reading