Camelot Castle Hotel enlists the help of international art experts to silence critics

Latest Camelot Castle Hotel video suggests feedback from the wider world is hurting Ted and John are clearly feeling the heat of all this attention focused on their Scientology operation at Camelot Castle Hotel. For starters, they’re no longer in control of the bad news about their activities. And up until now, John and Ted  … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “One big ego trip”

Camelot Castle Hotel is “one big ego trip” according to latest TripAdvisor reviewer And they left some more feedback for Ted, too – though somehow, I don’t think he’s willing to hear it. “The artwork was really laughable. Even though I had been warned about it, it really is hard to imagine a ‘world renowned … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel’s “wall of ego”

Camelot Castle Hotel’s reception is filled with pictures of John Mappin rubbing shoulders with celebs John Mappin is desperate to convince the world that he’s not a failure. Unfortunately, all the evidence points to the opposite being the case. Judging by the state of Camelot Castle Hotel, the 180 1 & 2* TripAdvisor reviews and … Continue reading