Ted Stourton’s Art: see for yourself why he outsells Picasso

Stung by our cruel jibe over feeble prices, Mr. Mappin and Ted have responded by going LARGE! Come with us on a tour of the Camelot Castle Gallery! And see for yourself why, according to John Mappin, Ted Stourton now ‘outsells Picasso’. As you know, we were awfully cruel a while back about the low … Continue reading

Ted Stourton prices

What’s a Ted Stourton worth these days? Not a lot and falling. If you’re here because you bought a Ted Stourton original in the gloomy basement of Camelot Castle Hotel while he sang to you and shone a light through some canvases while dispensing gobbets of Scientology wisdom and you were hoping it had gone … Continue reading

Recruitment by stealth?

Gallery signs ‘hijack’ tourists If you’re a tourist, you might think these signs are directions to the ancient ruins you’ve probably travelled half way across the world to see. Click the thumbnail on the right to zoom in and you’ll see that it says very clearly: “If you continue 500 yards along this road, to … Continue reading