Hottest keywords for Camelot Castle Hotel

Once again, stats reveal what people are looking for when they arrive here Blog stats are fun – especially the ones that tell you how people arrived at your site and the keywords or phrases they used. What you can’t tell is whether the person searching was Joe Public or John Mappin.  But whichever of … Continue reading

Guess who’s most worried?

Yes, no surprise. It’s John Mappin. This blog’s stats reveal that the search phrase bringing most traffic to this site on a daily basis is ‘john mappin scientology’ with 159 visits for that phrase. This tells us that John’s the fellow with the most to hide, who is the most troubled by our gentle (but … Continue reading

TripAdvisor pulls threads about Camelot Castle Hotel…again

But not before Google’s index got hold of it TripAdvisor really doesn’t want anyone discussing Camelot Castle Hotel on their boards – and certainly not where that discussion highlights that this hotel may have been systematically writing its own 5* reviews.  This is the Google index for a thread started by a concerned Anon today … Continue reading