Camelot Castle Hotel: “The most bizarre place in Cornwall”

Latest Camelot Castle Hotel TripAdvisor review says it all – including the dreaded ‘Scientology’ word This is a great review – written by someone who paid their good money to stay at Camelot Castle Hotel. In return for that money, they were subjected to the grandiosity of the hotel’s Scientology owners. Clearly written, complimentary in … Continue reading

How to stop Camelot Castle Hotel promoting Scientology: guests

Guests of Camelot Castle Hotel If you’ve stayed at this Hotel and had a bad experience, please consider reading some of the information on this site and follow some of the links about the hotel and Scientology. This might put your experience into context. If you think that the experience you had at Camelot Castle … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s ‘Light Box’: an unwelcome hard sell

The message is clear: stop trying to pressure guests into buying your awful paintings, Ted. Scientologist (and Camelot Castle Hotel’s ‘artist-in-residence’) Ted Stourton routinely takes guests to the basement of the hotel to see the incessantly-hyped ‘Light Box’ attraction. Apparently, this consists of a box with some lights in it that he uses to..ah, shine … Continue reading