Clumsy ‘hate’ attack on critical site bears all the hallmarks of Scientology

And therefore, of course, John Mappin and Ted Stourton The Polish site run by former Camelot Castle Hotel worker ‘Alona’ (a member of the WhyWeProtest forum) is coming under attack from people trying to bury critical comments by her and others under fake stories about how wonderful the Mappins are etc etc. In addition, they’re … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Bad people are attacking us

So we’re hitting back with the words of L.Ron Hubbard reconstituted into poetry It seems like the public outrage against John Mappin’s unholy mix of scientology and hotel ownership is hurting. The bad TripAdvisor reviews are now so numerous (180+ 1 and 2* slatings) that no amount of fake 5* reviews can cover the bad … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: jumpy manager gives visitor the Sci ‘welcome’

A late night passer-by gets chased and photographed According to this thread in the Why We Protest forum, a Tintagel local was chased by Marek, the Camelot Castle Hotel manager (in his Porsche, no less) and photographed in true Scientology fashion. It seems the folks up at the besieged castle, worn out from composing magical … Continue reading