Camelot Castle Hotel horror review: “Mr Mappin is nothing short of a complete fruitloop”

Camelot Castle Hotel continues to draw rave reviews…NOT Another class review (non-Tripadvisor) of Camelot Castle Hotel that we just HAD to grab for safekeeping as evidence of what the world REALLY thinks of John Mappin’s pebble-dashed horror on the hill in Tintagel. “Oh My God. Wish we had found this website before we left. Have … Continue reading

Ted Stourton: “The uncaged monkey in the basement”

“How can I get my money back from this ‘freak show’?” asks disgusted visitor This person posting on someone else’s blog is just another horrified Camelot Castle Hotel guest.  Check out this review: “Just spent two nights at Camelot Castle with the uncaged monkey in the basement. We were booked in for three nights but … Continue reading

“You’d be better off burning your money and staying in a tent”

Classic Camelot Castle Hotel reviews #1 – “The horror, the horror” The first in a series of Tripadvisor reviews from the past so bad that we just couldn’t resist resurrecting them from the grave for you to enjoy all over again. This one’s from July 2005 and borrows from Apocalypse Now to describe Camelot Castle … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel reviews – the horror continues…

No amount of 5* reviews can swamp the Camelot Castle Hotel Horror It’s pleasing to see that the much-acclaimed ‘wisdom of the crowd’ that permeates the internet is working to balance the flurry of fake-looking 5* reviews on Tripadvisor for Camelot Castle Hotel. “When I saw the room, I regret I didn’t order a strong … Continue reading