Friends of Camelot! Bad people are attacking us

So we’re hitting back with the words of L.Ron Hubbard reconstituted into poetry It seems like the public outrage against John Mappin’s unholy mix of scientology and hotel ownership is hurting. The bad TripAdvisor reviews are now so numerous (180+ 1 and 2* slatings) that no amount of fake 5* reviews can cover the bad … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! Meet our beloved L.Ron Hubbard

Who appears to be…. …a different L.Ron Hubbard to the one factually documented by the rest of the world. When you find out a little bit about him (even the things Wikipedia has to say, far less these kind of things) it’s no wonder. Interesting also to note that this email doesn’t refer to Hubbard … Continue reading

L.Ron’s ‘Admissions’ – the root of scientology?

L.Ron’s personal writings believed to show his struggle to control himself and his inadequacy Written in 1947 (the time when he made a plea for psychiatric help), these writings were at first called ‘L.Ron Hubbard’s ‘Affirmations’ ‘.  They are now known as ‘L.Ron Hubbard’s ‘Admissions’ ‘ since this is what they appear to be: admissions … Continue reading