Mappin’s fake Camelot Castle Tripadvisor review video

Mappin uploads his own propaganda to Tripadvisor and gives it 4 stars ..of course he would. He’s desperately trying to stay afloat and keep the money flowing to Scientology HQ in Clearwater. If you’d like to help Tripadvisor work out what John Mappin is doing, please pop along to the Tripadvisor Camelot Castle Hotel review … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s Light Box: an honest review

The so-called ‘attraction’ of the ‘Light Box’ is a box with a light. That’s it. I love it when when normal people (ie. people who aren’t Scientologists, bribed, frightened or brainwashed) review Ted’s ‘Light Box’: “..we felt the ‘surprise’ of the Lightbox was a complete waste of time. How stupid do they think we are? … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel PR offensive makes a joke out of TripAdvisor…

…and of Camelot Castle Hotel too 🙂 John and Ted’s PR machine is puffing along at full steam – and it’s great to watch. First there was the Polish workers web site. Then an steady increase in those scripted, 5* TripAdvisor reviews – you know, John and Ted, wonderful, talented, lovely staff, beautiful art, terrific … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel enlists the help of international art experts to silence critics

Latest Camelot Castle Hotel video suggests feedback from the wider world is hurting Ted and John are clearly feeling the heat of all this attention focused on their Scientology operation at Camelot Castle Hotel. For starters, they’re no longer in control of the bad news about their activities. And up until now, John and Ted  … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s ‘Light Box’: the truth

Camelot Castle Hotel’s infamous ‘Light Box attraction… …nicely summed up by three guest who had the misfortune of experiencing it firsthand: “The Lightbox is an experience alright – a truly uncomfortable one – You decide to act upon your curiosity to see what all the fuss is about and find yourself sitting through a deathly … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s ‘Light Box’: an unwelcome hard sell

The message is clear: stop trying to pressure guests into buying your awful paintings, Ted. Scientologist (and Camelot Castle Hotel’s ‘artist-in-residence’) Ted Stourton routinely takes guests to the basement of the hotel to see the incessantly-hyped ‘Light Box’ attraction. Apparently, this consists of a box with some lights in it that he uses to..ah, shine … Continue reading