Camelot Castle Hotel serial 5* reviewer tries again

Since Tripadvisor deleted his previous fake 5* review, it’s time for Glastonboy to try again **UPDATE** Fake review pulled already, looks like Trip Advisor are wise to their games! Finally, after 10 days without a 5* review, Glastoboy comes to Camelot Castle Hotel’s rescue – again – with this review. The first impression I got … Continue reading

TripAdvisor: Camelot Castle Hotel salutes you!

Why? For helping it push Scientology at more unsuspecting hotel guests, of course! Yes, TripAdvisor, every time you post one of Ted’s 4 or 5* reviews of Camelot Castle Hotel, you contribute to some unsuspecting member of the public booking this hotel. And when they do, they’ll find themselves in the care of self-proclaimed Scientologists … Continue reading

Look – another review written to the ‘script’

Yes, there will be plenty of these 🙂