Camelot Castle Hotel: Scientology ‘Ponzi’ scheme?

Discussion on WWP forum starts to ask “Who’s funding Scientologists at Camelot Castle Hotel?” Following the BBC TV expose on Camelot Castle Hotel on 15th November, discussion in the WWP forums (home of Scientology arch-enemy ‘Anonymous’) has turned to who is funding Mappin and Stourton? All of us think that this hotel is just a … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel BBC Inside Out: Mappin and Stourton bonkers, exploitative and dangerous – OFFICIAL

Camelot Castle Hotel meets BBC – and loses. A lot. If you’ve arrived on this site after watching the BBC Inside Out piece on the Scientology goings on at Camelot Castle Hotel, then a very warm welcome to you. If this is your first contact with the madness that is Scientology, John Mappin and Ted … Continue reading

John Mappin

Introducing John Mappin, Scientologist and hotel owner – in that order. If you’ve arrived here after Googling ‘John Mappin’ let us introduce John Mappin to you. He’s an interesting character. Supposedly ‘heir’ to the Mappin-Webb jewellery chain, he is now becoming infamous for pushing Scientology on guests, workers and local people who don’t want it. … Continue reading

John Mappin PRopaganda: Examples 1 and 2

Good examples of John Mapping passing off Scientology propaganda off as ‘newsworthy PR’ One thing there’s no shortage of is examples of John Mappin’s use of the online Press Release in his attempt to a) make himself look really important and b) to get across Scientology’s message here in the UK. The first example I’ve … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: the dream

This article appeared in the Western Morning News in 2000. John Mappin sets out his plans to turn Camelot Castle Hotel into an arts, hospitality and hi-tech center that would transform the North Cornwall economy… “Castle‚Äôs new king and his vision of Camelot For centuries, the wild and windswept landscape at Tintagel has been haunted … Continue reading