Camelot Castle Hotel – Is the 5* review machine broken?

It’s been 3 days since Camelot Castle Hotel got a 5* TripAdvisor review Queer, that. We’re not used to such gaps in the production of positive reviews designed to push the latest ‘horror’ review off the first page of TripAdvisor reviews. Maybe, now that TripAdvisor is taking some notice of the unusual (to put it … Continue reading

Letter to John, Ted, Irina, Marek and Peter

Posted by KernowAnon as a comment on their latest ‘Light Box’ video “John, Ted, Irina, Marek and Peter Hello I know you will be reading this, you seem to be under the impression we are “out to get you” nothing could be further from the truth. You are the victims you are trapped in a … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: jumpy manager gives visitor the Sci ‘welcome’

A late night passer-by gets chased and photographed According to this thread in the Why We Protest forum, a Tintagel local was chased by Marek, the Camelot Castle Hotel manager (in his Porsche, no less) and photographed in true Scientology fashion. It seems the folks up at the besieged castle, worn out from composing magical … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: Staff credentials – Marek Wojciechowski

Marek Wojciechowski works closely with John and Irina Mappin and appears to be responsible for recruiting the Polish workers to Camelot Castle Hotel. He appears to have 3 completed scientology courses under his belt according to