Camelot Castle Hotel website “Most deceptive site I have ever seen”

Deceptive website helps Mappin and Stourton rip off another unsuspecting visitor Camelot Castle Hotel’s misleading website has ruined another couple’s weekend away. Let’s see what the Advertising Standards Authority makes of this: “The other 2 rooms were horrendous also, dingy and awful, so bad in fact that (embarrasingly) I burst into tears as these people … Continue reading

Haydn Gresty: Ted Stourton paintings are worthless, you should know that

Haydn Gresty of Barnstaple looks to fob worthless Ted Stourton picture on the world – claiming to have paid ‘5 figures’ for it A recent appearance of a large, pig ugly (but hey, that’s subjective) Ted Stourton painting on eBay caused a smile over at WWP forums. The painting is being auctioned with a starting … Continue reading

Latest fake 5* Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes…

…demonstrating Tripadvisor’s unwillingness to stop Scientologists Mappin and Stourton abusing the system For veteran Camelot Castle Hotel watchers, this latest 5 star Tripadvisor review ticks all the boxes needed to qualify as a bona-fide fake (or paid-for) review. The fake / paid-for Tripadvisor review will contain most (if not all) of the following components in … Continue reading

Stonehenge – welcome to Stonehenge, your online guide to Stonehenge

Welcome to Stonehenge? Welcome to Camelot Castle Hotel, more like Just when you thought the Camelot Castle Hotel story couldn’t get any more #stupid this pops up: John Mappin’s latest attempt to hijack British tourist traffic and direct it at his own failing Camelot Castle Hotel ( John and Ted are no strangers to this … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: Ghastly TripAdvisor review 8th Aug

A review posted Sunday Aug 8th 2010 This reviewer gave the hotel a 1* review (remember, you can’t give a zero star review on TripAdvisor lol) Click here to read the review (in safekeeping over at WhyWeProtest forum). Don’t forget to click on any Scientology ‘pay-per-click’ ads you might encounter while you’re there. You don’t … Continue reading