Camelot Castle Hotel: Scientology ‘Ponzi’ scheme?

Discussion on WWP forum starts to ask “Who’s funding Scientologists at Camelot Castle Hotel?” Following the BBC TV expose on Camelot Castle Hotel on 15th November, discussion in the WWP forums (home of Scientology arch-enemy ‘Anonymous’) has turned to who is funding Mappin and Stourton? All of us think that this hotel is just a … Continue reading

Panorama BBC1 Tuesday 28th 9pm

Expect Camelot Castle Hotel propaganda machine to hit overdrive. It is important to understand what having people actively recruiting for Scientology in Tintagel means, this new Panorama investigation from the BBC should be a must see for any Tintagel resident. “Reporter John Sweeney’s last investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! We’re totally barking and we want you all to join us

Surely Camelot Castle Hotel’s latest outburst tells you all you need to know If you live in the Tintagel area and you weren’t worried about Camelot Castle Hotel before, you should be by the time you’ve read this. If you live and work in Plymouth and wondered what Scientology has in store for you, read … Continue reading

John Mappin

Introducing John Mappin, Scientologist and hotel owner – in that order. If you’ve arrived here after Googling ‘John Mappin’ let us introduce John Mappin to you. He’s an interesting character. Supposedly ‘heir’ to the Mappin-Webb jewellery chain, he is now becoming infamous for pushing Scientology on guests, workers and local people who don’t want it. … Continue reading

Hottest keywords for Camelot Castle Hotel

Once again, stats reveal what people are looking for when they arrive here Blog stats are fun – especially the ones that tell you how people arrived at your site and the keywords or phrases they used. What you can’t tell is whether the person searching was Joe Public or John Mappin.¬† But whichever of … Continue reading

Venables meets Scientology: with PR like this, who needs enemies?

Jon Venables – the perfect recruit for Scientology. PR fail! Ah, thank you Jon Venables. If there’s one thing you did good in your miserable, child-killing, child-porn-watching life it’s declare your interest in joining the ‘Church’ of Scientology. Judging by this piece of newspaper bad news (just the kind of thing that ‘printing buddies’ John … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “The most bizarre place in Cornwall”

Latest Camelot Castle Hotel TripAdvisor review says it all – including the dreaded ‘Scientology’ word This is a great review – written by someone who paid their good money to stay at Camelot Castle Hotel. In return for that money, they were subjected to the grandiosity of the hotel’s Scientology owners. Clearly written, complimentary in … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel: “Unbelievable Con” says review

Before it got pulled for mentioning Scientology So we’ve preserved it here so that it has a chance of doing what the reviewer who stayed there intended it to do: to help prevent someone else from having L.Ron Hubbard and awful paintings shoved down their throats when all they want is a decent quality stay … Continue reading

TripAdvisor: owners religion relevant when it’s a review, but not for discussion

Talk about inconsistent, TripAdvisor By pulling posts and now whole threads that discussed the issue of this hotel and the way it is being used to promote Scientology at guests, visitors, workers and local residents, TripAdvisor is guilty of a real hypocrisy: – how is it that in the form of reviews, the issue of … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! As you know, we are scientologists..

29th July 2010 “Dear Friends of Camelot Castle, As many of you know we have been Scientologists for many years. Nearly twenty years ago we were most fortunate to have been among the very first in the world to have been fully briefed in the United States as to the wonderful and quite incredible discoveries … Continue reading