“You are a dump, dump fuck” says Scientologist defending John Mappin

The caring side of Scientology reveals itself with insults and threats If you’re new to Scientology and want to know Why We Protest, then look no further than this comment received today: “You are a dump,dump fuck, mister. most of your postings and website content are false. you slate people who achieve in life, john … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel scientologists bully TripAdvisor – again

Once again, TripAdvisor yields to bullying Another critical review seems to have been pulled from the TripAdvisor review site for Scientology-owned Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel. I wonder how long both TripAdvisor and Camelot Castle Hotel think that this behaviour will pay them off? Luckily, we posted that review over at WhyWeProtest forum before they … Continue reading