TripAdvisor: owners religion relevant when it’s a review, but not for discussion

Talk about inconsistent, TripAdvisor By pulling posts and now whole threads that discussed the issue of this hotel and the way it is being used to promote Scientology at guests, visitors, workers and local residents, TripAdvisor is guilty of a real hypocrisy: – how is it that in the form of reviews, the issue of … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel reviews and TripAdvisor’s inconsistent forum policy

Recent spate of quickly closed threads about Camelot Castle Hotel reveals a distinctly inconsistent approach from TripAdvisor Guest post by Anonymous (click here to read his deleted comments) Every time someone starts a ‘Camelot Castle Hotel’ thread on the TripAdvisor forums, it quickly results in a number of posts concerning the Scientology antics of Mssrs … Continue reading