Friends of Camelot! Millions of drugged children in [insert your town name here]

Irina Mappin dreams of one day having children… yours if you let her recruit them “PERSONAL LETTER FROM IRINA MAPPIN – CAMELOT CASTLE – A NEW FILM. YOU CAN SEE THE FILM HERE: [link mercifully removed] Dear Neighbors and Friends of Camelot, Firstly, I wanted to warmly thank you for your appreciation and support of … Continue reading

Ted Stourton’s Art: see for yourself why he outsells Picasso

Stung by our cruel jibe over feeble prices, Mr. Mappin and Ted have responded by going LARGE! Come with us on a tour of the Camelot Castle Gallery! And see for yourself why, according to John Mappin, Ted Stourton now ‘outsells Picasso’. As you know, we were awfully cruel a while back about the low … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! We’re totally barking and we want you all to join us

Surely Camelot Castle Hotel’s latest outburst tells you all you need to know If you live in the Tintagel area and you weren’t worried about Camelot Castle Hotel before, you should be by the time you’ve read this. If you live and work in Plymouth and wondered what Scientology has in store for you, read … Continue reading

Camelot Castle Hotel review: ‘Baltic Fawlty Towers’

Or, as another reviewer called Camelot Castle Hotel: ‘Fawlty Towers without the fun’ This review doesn’t say much but is noteworthy for the fact that it probably took Camelot Castle Hotel from “#2 Hotel in All of Khazakstan, sorry, Tintagel” to “#3 Hotel in all of Tintagel” in TripAdvisor’s popularity rating. Shows the reality medicine … Continue reading

Friends of Camelot! The Way To Happiness!

July 2010 “Dear Friends of Tintagel and Camelot Castle, In Tintagel we are so fortunate in so many ways. Our village is one of the friendliest in all of England and this in no small part is due to the kindness and warmth of the people that live here. Over the last few years we … Continue reading