Venables meets Scientology: with PR like this, who needs enemies?

Jon Venables – the perfect recruit for Scientology. PR fail! Ah, thank you Jon Venables. If there’s one thing you did good in your miserable, child-killing, child-porn-watching life it’s declare your interest in joining the ‘Church’ of Scientology. Judging by this piece of newspaper bad news (just the kind of thing that ‘printing buddies’ John … Continue reading

John Mappin PRopaganda: Examples 1 and 2

Good examples of John Mapping passing off Scientology propaganda off as ‘newsworthy PR’ One thing there’s no shortage of is examples of John Mappin’s use of the online Press Release in his attempt to a) make himself look really important and b) to get across Scientology’s message here in the UK. The first example I’ve … Continue reading