What’s this site for?

This site aims to raise awareness about what Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton are doing to promote their cult in Tintagel.

Judging by the negative online reviews of this hotel (click on the ‘terrible’ link once you’re there), the decision to mix Scientology with running a hotel looks like slow business suicide.

But it’s far more than just a bad business decision.

We believe Scientology is a exploitative, money-making cult that targets vulnerable people for recruitment through its various ‘front’ organisations.

These vulnerable people – foreign workers, drug and alcohol addicts, prison inmates, young people and children – deserve to be protected.

This site contains news about the Mappins and Ted Stourton and what they’re up to at Camelot Castle Hotel.

It also contains information about Scientology and its wider abuses so you can decide whether you think what they’re doing is acceptable or not.

Scientologists have the right to believe whatever they want.

They do not, however, have the right to do whatever they want.

Contrary to what John Mappin wants to believe, we have no grudge against him, his wife, Ted Stourton or their business. On the contrary – we wish them happiness and success.

We do object, however, to their decision to push Scientology on unsuspecting hotel guests, visitors, workers, the local community and now the entire region.

We also object to their ongoing contempt for public opinion and critical feedback from their paying customers, staff and neighbours.

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