Shock news: Camelot Castle Hotel 4* reviewer found to be real person

In an astonishing development tonight we bring you Mr. Michael E Green – a real, live, Camelot Castle Hotel 4* reviewer

Forgive us for sounding surprised. It’s so rare to track down a real person behind a 4* Tripadvisor review for this Hotel.

Ladies and Anons, I give you Mr. Michael E. Green – ‘mikusgreenus’ as he likes to be know on the internet – from Doncaster.

The saga began by reading the 4* TripAdvisor review that Michael posted today – and marvelling at what kind of person (other than Ted) could write this way about a hotel that inspires loathing in so many other reviewers.

mikusgreenus has posted 2 reviews and 1 photo. The picture shows him and his family in front of a Stourton ‘Picasso-beater’, about to be subjected to the ‘Light Box’ (I assume it was before since they’re all smiling..lols).

The other review was almost as superficial as this one, and complained about some sandwiches.

Next, I found mikusgreenus active in a Facebook group discussion.

Shortly after, I discovered his entry in Plaxo complete with picture that confirmed this is the same guy who posted the Tripadvisor review. Horrors! This is beginning to look like a real person!

Judging by his Plaxo entry, Michael E Green appears to be an intelligent, professional man with a large network of contacts.

Which leaves me with the question: what made him write a review with a title like this:

“Fantastic experience, everyone should experience this in thier lifetime”

followed by 6 dull lines that don’t tell us anything? I’d say it was all about those 4 stars….

If you’re reading this Michael, we’d love to know what makes Camelot Castle Hotel one of the top things to do before you die.

2 Responses to “Shock news: Camelot Castle Hotel 4* reviewer found to be real person”
  1. Don Purcell says:

    The only sense in which the Camelot Castle Hotel might be considered something to “do before you die” is that the cuisine is likely to kill you.

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