Camelot Castle Hotel terrible review: “Welcome to castle Ted”

Yet another great ‘terrible’ review from 2009 – thought you’d enjoy a snippet of it

I noticed that a visitor had come to this site searching for “castle ted + tripadvisor”. I Googled those together and found the googlejohnmappin at the top of Google, but further on I found this wonderful 1* review from 2009 titled “Welcome to Castle Ted” (scroll down the page)

I particularly loved these lines:

“Our first dining experience was tarnished by the owner acting as PA to the “artist” known as Ted. He smarmed his way over and began to tell us about Ted and all his great artwork,, Ted this, Ted that. It then dawned on me, this is Castle Ted. There isn’t anything Arthurian or magical about this hotel. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. If you look carefully in the fireplace, there some tiles depicting King Arthur.

If you are a fan of Arthurian myth, avoid this place like the plague. If you want a room with decent art , decor and furniture, again avoid this place like the plague.”

Wonderfully put.

Still can’t help wondering exactly who it was searching for “castle ted + tripadvisor”. The author of the review perhaps? Or someone wishing to make it go away…?

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